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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 16, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. it's tuesday, november 16th. we have breaking news this morning. a royal engagement. prince william finally pops the question. he and kate middleton will marry next year. >> the palace saying the couple got engaged last month in kenya. and they're getting married next spring or summer in london, 30 years after charles and diana got married, with almost 1 billion people watching around the world. >> we have the latest on how william proposed, the london wedding, and the couple's plans for the future.
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good morning, everyone. so, the big lose out of london crossed the wires around 6:00 a.m. this morning. >> finally. >> that's right. prince william and kate middleton will be married. they will be married next spring or summer. there is a statement out of buckingham palace. queen elizabeth says she is delighted for h her grandson and his bride-to-be. >> we are hearing that the couple became engaged while vacationing last month in kenya. and the prince asked kate middleton's father for permission. you may have heard that the papers are calling her waity katy. >> since they were together in college. we go straight to london. miguel marquez is on royal watch. he has the latest. >> reporter: hi, george. that wed willing take part in spring or summer in 2011. and as you said, the engagement was official last month, in
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october, on a private -- very private holiday in kenya. prince william actually asked kate middleton's father for her hand in marriage. and now, the commoner, will become a princess. william and kate first met at st. andrews university back in 2001. both flocked to the seaside college town, hoping to marry a prince. but kate caught his eye. >> he noticed this beautiful brunette with long, flowing hair, that would go running in the mornings and turned up at breakfast. he wanted to sit with her at breakfast. that's really how he got to know her. >> reporter: shen, she took part in a fashion show. william in the crowd. >> she was modeling frilly underwear on a catwalk. >> he was sitting with his friend, ferguson, at the time. and he turned to ferguson and said, wow. kate's a knockout. she's gorgeous. and i think that was the turning point for them. >> reporter: love blossomed. they lived together the last two
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years of their studies. unheard of for a man who will be king. they've been living in sin for quite some time. >> living in sin, according to the older cultures. perhaps just living a contemporary relationship according to the rest of us. >> reporter: william is breaking with centuries of tradition by marrying kate. british princes are supposed to marry one of their own the. an aristocratic girlg with a title and some land. that's not kate. a commoner. her mother, a flight attendant. her father, a businessman. but it's not all been smooth. >> it's a great moment. a real breakthrough. kate comes from ordinary, common family. not lady kate middleton. they're self-made millionaires. and we should all be celebrating them. >> reporter: but their love hasn't been a smooth cinderella story. they broke up briefly in 2007. she was hounded by the press in much the same way diana was.
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but she never spoke out. she never dished the dirt. they were loyal. they got back together. but william was in no hurry to pop the question. he told the world he would marry no earlier than 2010. head-long into a military career. he made her wait. and she waited. >> she has the right priorities. she's prepared to put herself second to the job, in a way, for example, that diana was never willing to do. >> reporter: she proved herself fit to be his bride. fit to become a royal. >> she's very, very gorgeous. and i think more so in the flesh. she has a wonderfully radiant skin. very dewy, very fresh-faced. a great figure. and i see her becoming a cyle icon just as diana did. >> reporter: she is now a princess in waiting. and in coming months, we will all get to know her. >> she has the ability to excel and show us what she is made of. and that will be the fascinating part of this story. >> reporter: this story of a
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handsome prince who could have had any girl in the world. choosing a girl called kate, and making her his queen. >> the girl he chose when he spotted her across the breakfast canteen at st. andrews was kate. and the girl he's chosen to spend the last nine years with is kate. and this is the woman he spends, we hope, the rest of his life with. >> reporter: now, one, interesting bit here, as well. the official press release, the prince of wales refers to kate middleton, lady katherine. >> thanks very much. we're on the phone by another kate, katie nichol. she is the author of "william and harry." an expert on the royal couple. we looked at that piece. that moment when william was smitten with kate, the lingerie model. the aha moment? >> that was the aha moment.
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he turned to his friend and said, wow. she caught his eye. and the love story was made. >> you say the love story was made. but it took a long time to come to fruition. we're in the ninth year. they met in 2001, when they began at st. andrews. and had a lot of ups and downs. >> it has had ups and downs. they had two splits during their nine-year relationship. but this is a solid relationship. this is hugely important to prince william. every time they did split, he went running back to her very, very quickly. and they have the foundation for marriage that lasts. once you've spent nine years with someone, you know the best of them. you know the worst of them. and they are truly happy together. and this engagement has been imminent for a while now. all the signs were there. the call being made by the royal mint. and then, the tell-tale sign when her parents went to balmoral. we've been expecting it.
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it's wonderful news today. >> you say, it's lasted nine years. it's proven the test of time so far. what is it about her that completely grabbed him for good? >> they are very well-matched right from the start. they love doing the things they share the same interests. they were in the same course at st. andrews university. they were friends before they got together. that friendship foundation put them in good stead. but she's stuck by him. she's been the perfect partner. she's been the perfect princess in waiting. i mean, i do think that kate quite frequently is misunderstood, compared to chelsy davies, harry's girlfriend, she is seen as boring. but there's a lot more to her. now that the engagement is official, we'll see a bit more of the girl who i believe to be very vibrant. and i think she's going to bring
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great sparkle to the house. >> the queen says she is delighted. is that true? >> yes. the queen has prince william's best interests at heart. and she has seen her grandson in this relationship, on and off, for nearly nine years. when they had troubles, prince william had spoken to his grandmother about them. and she's always given great counsel. i think there were problems at first, the queen was concerned that kate didn't have a job. but i think kate proved herself. i think she's proved that she's in this for the long-term. the one thing that means more to the queen is that kate has always, always kept her silence. >> final question. a wedding will be coming up on the 30th anniversary of diana's wedding. princess diana's wedding in westminster cathedral. any idea where's this will be? >> westminster is an option.
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and st. georges chapel is where they are most keen to wed. that is the most likely option. i have always said, it's got the potential to be as big as the wedding in 1981. we have a little wait before it happens because they said it will be in spring or the summer. as you pointed out, it is 30 years after what would have been the anniversary of charles and diana. and i was in new york talking about this a few days ago. that's one of the reasons, i believe, and my sources tell me, that william chose this year. he doesn't want his mother forgotten. >> that is interesting. katie nicholl, thank you very much. >> maybe people will calm down a little bit. the speculation leading up to the engagement was fever. but something tells me it's not going to calm down anytime soon. we'll have much more ahead. we're going to really switch gears now. we turn to the massive search for the family missing in ohio.
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the man accused of kidnapping 13-year-old sarah maynard is expected in court today. police say hope of finding the remaining three alive is growing dim. barbara pinto is in mt. vernon, ohio, with the latest on the story. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a lone suspect in this case, matthew hoffman, appears in court today. and investigators say, he may have been watching the members of the missing family in the days before they disappeared. from the air and on the water, police combed every corner of this park near matthew hoffman's home. >> the fact that only one person has been located since last wednesday. you have to be realistic that there's a possibility that these folks are dead. >> reporter: a s.w.a.t. team found 13-year-old sarah maynard sunday, bound and gagged, held captive in hoffman's basement. she had been missing since wednesday, along with her mother, tina hermann,
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10-year-old brother, kody, and family friend, stephanie sprang. police found hoffman in his car nearby. investigators believe the four came upon hoffman at tina hermann's home last wednesday. the only connection, hoffman's parents live within walking distance. sarah was at hoffman's home, ten miles away. police pulled two cars from the water, which investigators now say are likely not related. neighbors say hoffman was strange. lighting fires on his lawn. sitting in trees and watching them. and trapping small animals in his yard. >> he was killing the squirrels because he doesn't grocery shop. he would kill the squirrels and eat them. >> reporter: friends and strangers prayed for the missing last night. while investigators focus on the teen who was found as their best shot at finding their loved ones. >> not only is she assisting in the investigation. but under the circumstances, a
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13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger, i would call her the epitome of bravery. >> reporter: now, this afternoon, police will look at pictures of cars driven by matthew hoffman and the missing women, hoping to jog the memories of anyone here who may have seen anything. >> barbara, thank you. joining us live is the father of that family friend who is still missing, stephanie sprang's father, stephen thompson. mr. thompson, we're so sorry you're going through this. i know you've been in constant contact with authorities. what are they telling you? what's the latest in the investigation, sir? >> just what's been told to you. actually, our biggest forum of information is the media right now. you know, that's our information. we know nothing else. we have all the hope we can and prayers from everyone. we appreciate that deeply.
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>> the prayer vigil last night. i hope it was of some comfort to you, sir. i know it's a relatively small town you live in. are you familiar with matthew hoffman at all? do you know if your daughter knows him at all? >> no. we thought and thought how that connection was there. and we can't come up with one. i have never met the guy. i never have seen his picture until just the other day. >> there is speculation that he may have been watching your daughter. may have been watching the family where your daughter was when they disappeared. did she ever say anything to you that she was worried that somebody -- of something like that? >> she didn't say anything to me. i have heard from friends that, you know, she's had feelings for a while, now, that somebody was like stalking or watching her. other than that, no.
7:14 am
nothing else. >> and how helpful, sir, as you were saying, the people in the community doing everything they can. and the vigil, the prayer vigil, that was held last night. >> yeah. we deeply appreciate everything that's being done that way. the volunteer search parties that have been out, phenomenal. they communicate with me constantly whenever they're out there and they find something. they've just been great. i want to thank everybody. and i know there's another party going out today. just, i want to tell them to be careful themselves. and we do appreciate this. >> stephen thompson, thank you very much. we're thinking of you and the others there. thank you very much, sir. >> thank you. >> george? >> robin, thanks. we're going to turn to washington now. and the first official winner for the tea party coming off the elections. they took on the gop leadership
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over earmarks. as jonathan karl reports from capitol hill, the old guard backed down. >> reporter: that didn't take long. hours after meeting with the new 13 republican senators, republican mitch mcconnell saved on the tea party activists. it's a complete turnaround more mcconnell, who like most of the republican establishment, has long defended earmarks. but for the tea partiers, some of whom rallied on capitol hill, with congresswoman michele bachmann, earmarks are a symbol of runaway spending. >> this is insanity economics. insanity politics. and it's not representative of who we are. there will be a new sheriff in town. and this sheriff is going to listen to the american people. >> reporter: but earmarks have long been a bipartisan practice. the most infamous of all,
7:16 am
alaska's bridge to nowhere, was a republican pet project. and just last year, mcconnell himself funneled $113 million for 58 projects in his home state. he even boasted about his earmarks when he ran for re-election in 2008. >> i've secured millions for northern kentucky university. >> reporter: mcconnell's flip came after president obama endorsed the earmark ban. but most democrats in congress want no part of it. as democratic leader harry reid's spokesman put it, senator reid make no, sir apologies for delivering for the people of nevada. democrat mark udall did call for a ban on monday. getting support from claire mccaskill. a democratic senator swears off earmarks and will vote to ban them. tomorrow morning, the house democrats will meet behind closed doors to elect their new leaders for the new congress.
7:17 am
and with absolutely no opposition any kind, any serious opposition in sight, nancy pelosi is expected to be voted in the new minority leader. >> she wanted to stay. and she will. now, we're joined the leader of the tea party caucus in the house, michele bachmann of minnesota. good morning, congresswoman. we saw there, republican leader, mitch mcconnell is going to back the ban on earmarks. are you convinced this is going to stick, even if congressional democrats don't go along? >> this is a good sign. if he means it, we should take him at his word. >> you're the leader of the tea party caucus in the house. but you lost out your bid to officially join the house republican leadership. does that give you a sense that there's a limit on tea party influence in the house? >> you know, i don't think so, george. i think that the leadership has sent a very strong signal that they have listened. and they woke up.
7:18 am
and they want to do right by the american people. and the main thing here is, they want to stick to fiscal sanity. and they want to make sure they aren't spending more money than what the government is taking in. and that's a good first step, i think, moving forward. >> the biggest issue in this lame duck session of congress is going to be whether or not to extend those tax cuts first passed under president bush. you signaled you're willing to accept a compromise. you would be willing to have a temporary extension of the tax cuts for the wealthy, even though you prefer that it be permanent. some democrats are saying they might be able to go along with that, as well, if it's tied to extension of the unemployment benefits that run out for millions of americans on november 30th. is that a deal you can support? >> this is a mass tax increase. that's what is wanted going forward. none of us on the republican side believe that anyone's taxes should go forward. it's important to characterize it for what it is.
7:19 am
it is a massive tax increase. one second after midnight on january 1st of 2011. it will lead to tremendous job losses going forward. as far as a compromise goes, i want to get the current tax policy extended as far into the f future as we possibly can. if we can only get it extended for two years, that's great. but i don't think the american people should have to pay for that by having new spending tied to that. if that's the case, i don't think the republicans will go along with it. >> why is it okay for the wealthiest americans, earning over $250,000. the president has called for the people making under $250,000 to get tax cuts. but people out of a job, not to have their benefits extended? >> remember what this is. it's a massive tax increase. and it's on the people who are the job creators. and people want to think these
7:20 am
are millionaires, sitting in leather chairs, lighting cigars with $100 bills. that's not what we're talking about. these are carpet layers that maybe employ two or three other guys. or a plumber, maybe himself and his brother. and it's $250,000 in gross sales for their business. they're the ones looking at mass tax increases. in minnesota, in my district, it would mean 2,000 jobs lost, if we don't extend the current tax policy. that's going to hurt more people than anything, if we can't have job creation. and this is a job-killer, if we raise taxes on the job creators. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> good morning to you. thank you. time, now, for the weather. and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, george. we're going to start with a little bit of rain on the eastern seaboard. one to two inches of rain is possible, in about all locations. some places will pick up more than three. strong to severe storms are on that line, down into the deep south there. we're looking at a big snow
7:21 am
system in the west today. we'll go into that more next half hour. there is rain across most of the region this morning especially in virginia. the rain is crossing the potomac from charles county to western maryland. we will see off and on rain today. some showers will be moderate. temperatures are near 50 degrees. 52 degrees at reagan national
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and we are on our way to the mid-50's and tomorrow will be >> thank you, sam. coming up in our next half hour, tina brown will join us live. much more on the royal live. much more on the royal engagement. so i went back to my doctor again. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma symptoms all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. it is a combination of two medicines and should not be taken more often than prescribed. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems, and children and adolescents may have an increased risk of being hospitalized for asthma problems. symbicort is not for people whose asthma is well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine like inhaled corticosteroids. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop symbicort without loss of control, and prescribe a long-term asthma control medicine.
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this tuesday, november 16. i am scott thuman with your local news update. let's check on the morning commute lisa baden. add a little bit of water and it is a mess out there. let's go to some cameras. southbound 270 has a lot of traffic getting out of frederick past 109 with the her brain and the roads right. -- with the rain and the road spray. look at traffic heading away from us. they are on their way to attract her trailer stop after new hampshire ave. the outer loop has normal volume from 95 toward 27 tiberi we will take you to i-395 . northbound problems are after the 14th street bridge which is gone but delays begin at the beltway. it is raining almost everywhere, in parts of southern maryland and prince george's county.
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there is some drizzle in calvert county. the rain continues from the southwest to the northeast area 52 degrees at reagan national airport. we are on our way to the mid- 50's today with often on showers through tonight and tapered off tomorrow morning. there will be sunshine tomorrow but it will be cooler. and win the. 9 more people have been arrested and charged in connection with a wide ranging corruption probe in prince george's county. three of those arrested are police officers. this is three days after police arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife. we will be back with another news update at 7:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to tbd news on news channel 8.
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♪ well-deserved this morning fanfare this morning. there's news out of london. prince william and kate middleton, finally engaged. queen elizabeth says she is absolutely delighted. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> i'm robin roberts. so, what are you going to wear to the wedding? >> what am i supposed to wear? tina brown will tell us. >> a nice morning suit. we'll get to the tails. >> can i wear a hat? >> we get to wear hats.
7:31 am
>> you think we're kidding. we're so heading there. it will be next year in the summer some time. you see tina brown, well out in front of this story. she'll have all the latest details. let's go to juju chang right now. you're going to tell us about the love story between william and kate, juju. >> i am. the happy bride and groom-to-be, are both 26 years old. their eight-year courtship is a modern take on the fairy tale romance. compare that to william's parents wedding three decades ago. it was the wedding of the 20th century. nearly 1 billion people. when lady diana spencer wed prince charles in 1981, it was a fairly tale come to life. creating for a cold war era world, a host of indelible memories. from the ring.
7:32 am
an exquisite sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. to the gown. to a cinderella-like carriage. everything seemed picture-perfect when charles and diana wed. less than a year after the fairy tale wedding, william was born. and now, nearly 30 years later, it's his turn to stand at the foot of the aisle. the lucky woman, long-time love, kate middleton. unlike diana, who descended from aristocracy, kate is a commoner. her parents started an online party supply company that amassed millions. >> kate middleton is a really charming, intelligent, young woman. the kind of girl you would love your son to marry. >> reporter: william and kate met nine years ago at st. andrews university. soon after, they became a couple. while charles and diana had something of a whirlwind romance and little time to get to know each other in private before their engagement, kate and wills
7:33 am
have had years to grow as a couple. they've even lived together. much like diana, kate and william's romance has been plaid out in the press, who have monitored their every move. they broke up briefly in 2007. the scrutiny, too intense. william unshare if kate was the right one. there was speculation that william would play the field. within months, they were back together. like diana, kate is tall and striking. just an inch shorter than di. but like diana, who was a kindergarten teacher before their engagement, kate has been criticized for not having a real, steady job. both are strong-willed and fashionistas. like diana, every outfit is documented by the public, and largely lauded by magazine editors. william and kate are said to enjoy quiet moments away from the prying eyes of the press. skiing.
7:34 am
weekends at balmoral. kate reportedly had dinner waiting for william at the end of a long day. >> prince william likes kate's enthusiasm. they're both very sporty. so, they have a lot of things in common. >> reporter: will there be a happily ever after for william and kate? people hope so. now, the blogosphere is already aflame, to the guest list, to the dress that kate will wear. traditional with a modern twist. and tradition dictates that royal men get a title after married. a duke, where his bride would be a duchess. let's turn to tina brown, who wrote "the diana chronicles." you called this a few months
7:35 am
ago, tina. we have the official press release. the prince of wales is delighted to announce the engagement of prince william and miss catherine middleton. >> welcome words to kate. welcome words. >> and the press release, there is a back story. >> this wedding was going to be announced in june. >> that's when you told us. >> right. but there was a tossle. prince charles was feeling that the queen was taking over too much. it was all about the queen when she wanted the announcement. she wanted to get it done because she was tired of the to and fro. william and kate had a snit, where william thought she was too familiar with photographers. there was a bit of a brouhaha. william is a very determined young man. he doesn't want to be pushed.
7:36 am
he said, it's off for the moment. kate had to be in the waiting game again. i think everybody felt it was going to happen. it was just going to happen on william's time table. and charles wanted to have this announcement from clarence house. it's his son. he wanted to take ownership of this. it's his son. >> you say william is a determined young man. he's planning the wedding on the 30th anniversary of his mother's wedding. how does that fit into his plans? and how does he react to the anniversary? >> i think it was a great year because it's going to be the olympics the following year. and the diamond jubilee, which will be the queen's moment. this was the best time to do it. and it's the 80th birthday of his father, prince philip. this was the key year to get it done. that was all part of the negotiation. when was it going to happen in this big, royal calendar of big stuff that's happening, coming up. >> as you told us earlier, it's the perfect time right now.
7:37 am
as we're having tough times on this side of the pond, on that side of the pond, too. this will do so much for people there. >> it's remarkable to how similar it was when charles and diana got married. it was a time of depression in the '80s. this is happening again. there's a desperate, depressing atmosphere. and i think that helps to factor in saying, let's blow it out with a royal wedding. >> they don't cut back at all? >> i think it's a sense of national joy. national joy needs to be re-established. it will happen again. people will be focusing on the news. where it's going to happen. who is in the guest list? >> you don't expect any resentment among the british people? there's big protests on how it's going to cost. >> there will be a careful handling of all of that. one thing that william has been is a modern prince, who doesn't overdo it. although, you still know there is something big about a
7:38 am
wedding. when prince charles married camilla at windsor, the great day arrived. and it was a great party. people like to celebrate a wedding. i think you're going to see the same thing with william and kate. >> we can't wait to hear details or speculation around the wedding. we'll keep you around to talk about that. you are going to be there. >> i will certainly be with you guys. >> thank you, tina. now, juju chang has the latest news headlines for us. good morning, juju. >> good morning, guys. i want a preview of the hats. we're going to turn to the world's most-wanted weapons dealer. his nickname, the merchant of death, he's on his way to stand trial. russian victor boot is accused of selling weapons to everyone. thailand extradited him to the u.s. he is so infamous, he inspired the movie account lord of war." cholera of haiti is sparking
7:39 am
violence in the street. protesters blamed peacekeepers for causing the cholera epidemic, which has tilled nearly 1,000 people so far. the california supreme court has ruled illegal immigrants are entitled to in-state tuition discounts at public universities. a lower court ruling had classified illegal immigrants as nonresidence. the case is headed to the u.s. supreme court. there was a wild scene at a bullfight in mexico. a bull jumped into the stands. watch that jump again. the bull got back into the ring. and the fight went on, as planned. unbelievable. that's the news at 7:39. >> question is, why? why did the fight go on? >> that's it. juju, thank you. let's get over to sam and the weather again. >> good morning, everyone. let's deal with the big snow situation that was going on in the west yesterday. bad enough, a 34-car pileup on 25 just south of denver.
7:40 am
it was a little touch slippery on the roads and people couldn't control it. it's the time of year to be thinking about that. and there's more snow today. more than a foot of snow in the higher elevations of the rockies. this will be a big snowmaker. it won't be a big hit of snow for you in denver. on the eastern seaboard, it's wet just about everywhere. as the low crawls up, more rain inland than on the coastline. but places like new york, could get rain today. in the southwest, beautiful temperatures. look at l.a. at 72 degrees. san diego, 67 degrees. palm springs, 81 degrees. it's raining almost everywhere. we are waiting patiently in lower southern maryland. 48 degrees in winchester. off and on rain today through to
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we all know the day after thanksgiving, black friday, traditionally kicks off the holiday season. but with all the sales trickling out the past few weeks, is site worth it to wait? or should you shop now? becky worley is here. >> reporter: i'm on a mission. see all of the products? come thanksgiving, prices will be slashed. i've been combing the internet, looking for leaks, talking to retailers, all to find you the best deals, come black friday. black friday is a cultural
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7:46 am
>> retailers are spending loads of money to get you in their stores and spending. they're going to try everything they can, to make sure you leave with a shopping bag or two. >> reporter: at jcpenney, a five-piece luggage set for just $35. and a cutlery set. and the e-book reader at barnes & nobel is $199. and a flip cam, usually $149. but the door-buster price, $99. finally, the toys. it's all about 50% off. at walmart, zhu zhu pets were $8. now, $4. and at toys "r" us, 50% off buzz lightyear and lincoln logs, a staple. i'm so getting the lincoln logs for my kid. and when i tucked my little one in last night, i found the toys "r" us catalog in his blanket. that's the point. kids are excited. parents and family want to get the right deal.
7:47 am
we're looking online these days. and there's websites that help you search for those deals. i have a link to the best black friday sites at >> becky, a lot of the stores are offering free shipping online, as well? >> yeah. this is big news. walmart has free shipping on over 60,000 items, excludeing electronics. no minimum purchase. and best buy will also be offering free shipping, up until december 21st. >> big news. best buy and walmart. we have full details on all this, all the deals, at and coming up, bristol palin. getting low judges scores. a little better. but she's staying in the ballroom. what's keeping her in contention? is it her moves? or her mom? [trumpet playing "reveille" throughout]
7:48 am
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still ahead, tina brown is standing by because we're going to talk about how kate middleton's mother may have put her daughter on the path to marry a prince. what you don't know about prince william's fiance. and erin andrews is standing by. all the dish on bristol palin. she got better marks from the
7:52 am
judges. is that enough to teep kooep her in the competition? she said take that. and she got some help from sarah palin, sitting in the front row. and what does it mean to turn 50? jennifer grey on "dancing with the stars," 50. we'll talk about that more, coming up. what five, simple things can you do now to drastically reducing the chances of your car breaking down and being stranded roadside? go to to get the important answers.♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. the winter event ["stir it up" playing].
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, it is 7:56 on this tuesday, november 16 jarratt i am scott thuman with your local update. let's get started by checking on the roads of lisa baden. joe rail has a red line disruption at the catholic university station. it is result but red line customers anticipates an additional wait time.
7:57 am
we will take you live where traffic has been waiting patiently on the roads. this is northbound 29 in maryland which is closed between fair land the road and spriggs chaney road because of an accident. this is the backup that begins close to randolph road because of that car wreck. we will take you to virginia where we have delays leaving the belt way to the 14th street bridge. 270 slows at father hurley below are down to the lane divide and this is the pace across the bridge and onto the freeway. this is all probably thanks to the rain showers. the rain is almost everywhere. we are waiting patiently on it in calvert county. otherwise, rain showers are moving southwest to northeast. it will be off and on all day. the yellow on the radar means the rain is heavier. it will continue to tonight and
7:58 am
tapered up tomorrow morning and sunshine tomorrow but it will be a windy day with highs in the low 60's. may 50's this afternoon. thursday through the weekend is pretty normal whatever it is in the 50 and sunshine. will find out how many people will take to the roads and skies this thanksgivingaaa will release its travel forecast in a few hours. whether you drive or fly to grandma's house or wherever, we know it will cost you more this year. there will
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ the royal cam is up on the chopper today. that's a live picture of buckingham palace and london, england. there's big news out of there today. prince william is officially engaged. and miss catherine middleton will be married next spring or summer, 2011. it's a long time coming. >> it was. waity katy is what she is known as. they reportedly got engaged a month ago in kenya. and it was officially released this morning. next spring or summer in london.
8:01 am
and everyone, between now and then, what is she going to wear? who is in the wedding? where will it take place? >> and the queen has a lot of information. she was pushing for it. she put out a statement this morning saying she is absolutely delighted this is happening. and the british prime minister, david cameron, came out to give the couple his best wishes. >> i spoke to prince william a few moments ago. and passed on my congratulations. and also, welcome the fact he returned safely from afghanistan. he was obviously extremely excited about the news. and thrilled about what lies in store. >> everyone is thrilled. and the first photo, there will be an official couple at st. james palace. after the wedding, the couple will live in wales, where the
8:02 am
prince will serve with the rail air force. we're going to learn more about kate middleton. bianna golodryga has the back story. >> reporter: thousands of people have been flooding the blogosphere with news about the royal wedding. it's kate middleton everybody is talking about. kate will have set a record by the time she becomes a princess. at 29, she will be the oldest bride ever to marry a king of england. when they were both students at st. andrews university, she was a media darling. the woman the british press couldn't take their eyes off of. >> the british public love her. she's so pretty. she's elegant. she's dignified. >> reporter: born catherine elizabeth middleton, she grew up the eldest of three children. and grow up in a relatively normal childhood. her father, a former pilot. her mother, a former flight
8:03 am
attendant. >> she's loyal. and that's probably more important than having estates and lienage and being aristocratic. she is his loyal friend. >> reporter: in school, the lanky kate was popular, yet thoughtful. she excelled in sports, including tennis and field hockey. rumor has it when it came time to pick a pledge, kate's first choice was edinburgh. but her mother, knowing william was headed to st. andrews, prodded kate to go there, as well. it's thought that kate met the future king when the two lived in the same dormitory. by the time she modeled lingerie at a school charity fashion show, the two were an item. kit is five months older than william. her interests include the great outdoors. she skis and has been known to snowmobile. she has been under fire. the british tabloidings saying that she hasn't been able to
8:04 am
hold a job. friends say kate is quiet, grounded and self-assured. when a friend once told her she was lucky to be with williams, she replied, he's lucky to be with me. she enjoys pubs and clubs. but she and william are said to relish their quiet time together. this ordinary woman has done the extraordinary. capturing the heart of the prince, the british public, and receiving the blessing of the royal family. >> charles and camilla really like her. and they think she's very dignified. and she's confident. that's what she's going to have less problems adjusting to life within the family. >> reporter: while princess diana was known as the people's princess, there's no word yet what kate will be known as, other than the future queen of england. kate will be one in a long line of commoners to marry into the royal family. prince william's mother, lady diana spencer, was not a princess, either. but she did have a title. and she descended five times
8:05 am
from royalty. >> she did. we're going to turn back to tina brown, who has been following the royals for years. wrote one of the definitive books on prince william's mother, "the diana chronicles." we do not like the word commoner. he is the first one to marry a nonroyal in modern times. >> absolutely. but in a strange way, i think it helps kate that she isn't a highly-strung, daring aristocratic girl like diana was. diana was able to be audacious and crazy because she didn't give a damn. actually, kate understands that she has to work for this. it's all about flaw. >> everything i know about becoming a princess, comes from "the princess diary." does some lady in waiting take her under her wing? >> that's what they didn't do with diana. there's no doubt the palace understood they messed it up
8:06 am
with diana. they threw her into this crazy world. kate has had eight years to learn. she's done the holidays at balmoral, where the whole family's there. you have to put on a penguin suit for dinner and listen to sombe boring archbishop. she's been to horse racing. she's outdoors. she is outdoors, whereas diana pretended to be outdoors. kate likes the great outdoors. she's done her time. she's put in time with the family. and she's come through. she hasn't put a foot wrong in eight years, which is hard to do with this press, trying to get at you all the time. >> even with the breakup. >> even with the breakup. didn't whine. never has there been a leak. that's one of the prime things with william. he's so paranoid with the press, after what happened with his mother. >> you say there's never been a leak. but there's been some stories about her mother and whether she was being too forward.
8:07 am
did that delay this engagement at all? >> actually, william, it makes him more protective of kate. being a gentleman, in a real sense of the word, he gets angry when people sneer at her mother for being an air stewardess. and it's only the kind of snobby th take up with kate's mother. the royal family doesn't worry about that. the queen is sort of grown up when it comes to that stuff. >> and her grandson wasn't being a good grandson in going to her first and letting her know about the engagement. he had to do that, didn't he? wasn't there protocol? >> he had to inform the queen. he's close to his grandfather, prince philip. it's a good relationship with his grandparents. far better relationship than his own father, prince charles. whose relationship has been strained and competitive.
8:08 am
prince charles is going to have ten minutes on the throne before william gets it. >> at 29, she's the oldest person ever to marry a future king. how much pressure is there going to be now for them right away, to have a baby. >> instant. in that house in wales, by the way, the first bit of boring news for kate, that she'll have to be in that house in wales. the honeymoon sessions, like living in wales for three years. you know how much it rains in wales? they will be sitting in the house. and she will be breeding up a storm in that house. >> thank you for the imagery. >> if she could have six at once -- >> prince william was born about a year -- within a year after his parents were married. >> yes. she needs to produce the heirs, the spares, the spares two, the spares three. she has to get going. >> you heard it first. now, juju chang and the rest of the morning's news. >> i have three sons. two spares. turning to the headlines. there's a dire warning about another possible housing crisis.
8:09 am
a congressional watchdog says mistakes in foreclosure paperwork may have concealed deeper problems in the mortgage industry. the panel worries the housing market could collapse and shatter the economic recovery. but the treasury has downplayed the problem. on wall street, today, there are new concerns about rising inflation overseas. european financial officials are meeting today to discuss a potential bailout of ireland. a jury has found a long island woman guilty of trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. the verdict came after jurors watched susan williams in this undercover video, trying to cut a deal with an undercover cop. >> what do you want done? >> i want him hurt. >> you want him dead? >> i don't want to say it. you said it. >> williams handed over a $500 deposit and admitted she had the right expression ready to greet police when they came to her door. finally, six months after
8:10 am
floodwaters shut it down, nashville's famous opryland hotel is back in business. the 3,000-room resort underwent a makeover. part of the building was under 24 feet of water last spring. that's the news at 8:09. time to check in with the weather and sam champion. it's nice to see the rebirth, no? >> yeah. juju, good morning. good morning, everybody. let it out. that's very clever, though. i like that. you're a "gma" fan? >> definitely. >> i love that. texas. thank you. i love that, too. i see you. i see all over the place. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. we're going to start with a rainy, live shot out of atlanta. everything you need to know about the area comes from wsb. they're all over it. this has been a rough morning for travel there. a lot of heavy rain. strong to severe weather in that area. we had weather watches around the tallahassee area this morning. and behind this rain, when it
8:11 am
leaves in about 48 hours, we're going to get a shot of cooler air. down through the middle of the country. and the east coast may not be as cool as places like chicagoland. minneapolis. temperatures will drop rapidly there. bless you. was that you? you are -- you are the cutest thing in the world. what's your name? >> thank right now, temperatures are right around 50 degrees. frederick is 46 degrees. it is raining just about everywhere. off and on brain to day and up to 1 inch in some spots by the time is over with early tomorrow morning. generally sunny day tomorrow and wednesday. we'll have more weather from
8:12 am
times square in the next half hour. george? >> thank you, sam. when we come back, bristol palin dances her way to her best scores yet on "dancing with the stars." will she make the finals? has her mom made the difference? that's coming up. calm down donkey. it's vacation time! ohhhhh, who says ogres can't surf? nice moves fiona. ha, ha, ha, i love 3d. wooo hooooo! [ shrek ] gingy? [ laughs ] do the roar. roar! marty, what's shrek doing on a cruise ship? looks like he's having fun! [ female announcer ] join the dreamworks experience for the ultimate vacation, only on royal caribbean. [ female announcer ] join the dreamworks experience
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last night, bristol palin earned her best scores yet from the judges on "dancing with the stars." will that be enough to send her to the finals? will it finally stop that debate on whether she's being kept alive by pluck and charm, or her mom's pull? the politicized nonpolitical race of the year. we asked our friend and former "dancing with the stars" finalist, erin andrews to get the inside story. >> hey, george. by the way, if you and robin need someone to carry your bags in london for the royal wedding, i'm your girl. i'm putting that rsvp in now. bristol palin had a big night in the semifinal round on "dancing
8:17 am
with the stars." as you mentioned, a lot of people are saying she got this far because of her mother and the tea party. but we're going to look at the hot topic inside the ballroom and see what keeps bristol the pistol firing. leaving her best moves on the dance floor, bristol palin paso dobled her way into the highest scores of the season. >> the little girl is storming into a tigeress. >> bottom of the leaderboard. again. i'm getting used to it, though. >> reporter: but her journey, like most things palin, has not been crowd controversy. >> there's those that believe there's an unusual way that bristol palin is still on "dancing with the stars," by way of the republicans and the tea party, and a massive voting campaign. >> reporter: is the tea party stuffing the ballot box? >> people saying vote for
8:18 am
bristol, as part of your allegiance to the palin brand. >> reporter: last night, bristol told us, no way. >> i'm tired of hearing about it. people are voting for us because i'm relatable. they see the consistent improvement in my dancing. that's why people are voting inr us. >> reporter: and she made her case again. >> people focus on how far we've gotten in the competition. it's because of my mom -- all this b.s. and stuff. really, it can work the opposite way. i have people out there that attack me every day because of who my mom is. >> reporter: consider this, for the last seven weeks, bristol and her partner have been at or near the bottom of the scoreboard. >> the scores have been so generous to bristol, while they've been ungenerous to some of the better celebrities. >> we, you know, consistently have had bristol at the bottom or bottom two. and the viewers bring her back.
8:19 am
it's because they want to see her dance again. >> you're famous, you're famous. >> exactly. >> it's who has the loyal fans that will call and vote for them. >> reporter: and in this case, bristol's biggest fan may be none other than momma grizzly herself. >> i am so proud of bristol. i'm her biggest fan. she said, mom, i'm going to be criticized anyway. they may say mean things. they may want to bring me down. but you might as well dance. >> erin is joined by celebrity p.r. guru, howard bragman. erin, let me start off with you. you did a great job of covering the debate. you're plugged in with all of the regulars on "dancing with the stars," the dancers and the celebrities. and there's a lot of buzz, i hear out there in hollywood, that something is going on with bristol. >> something's going on with what? >> why she's been able to stay so long. i think the other contestants
8:20 am
are wondering about it, aren't they? >> i mean, come on. everybody wonders what goes into it. why is she still there? maybe some other people thought that maybe rick would be there. maybe adriana, maybe kurt. but the bottom line is this, she's getting the votes. people are calling in. and they're voting for her. and i've heard a couple people say within the show, some people said, yeah. i'll bet she will be in the finals. others said, if you don't like it, then vote. call for other contestants. i don't think there's a conspiracy going on. she is on the show because of her last name, who her mom is. after that, she's on there. she's getting the votes from the sarah palin supporters. at the same time, there's a lot of people that don't like sarah palin, too. i think the bottom line also is that she's your everyday girl, besides who her mom is. she's not a rock star. she didn't win a gold medal. she wasn't on a movie dancing. she's out there doing her thing. and people are voting for her because they're like, we give her a lot of credit.
8:21 am
>> do you agree with that, howard? >> absolutely. i met bristol before she started dancing. and i've seen her come out of her shell. and people like that, george. arguably, she's not the best dancer. but she's probably the most improved on the show this year. she is accessible. she's relatable. she's a nice kid. and you have to be naive to not think that the tea party and some of the right-wing people are voting for her. but also people are certainly voting against her, too, for probably the very same reason. >> that's exactly what she said, as well. but there is something going on here. i agree that she has shown improvement over the course of the year. we have 5 million viewers for sarah palin's reality show on tlc on sunday night. dancing's numbers have held up all year long. i saw, howard, this article in "hollywood reporter" that suggest that republicans are the key to making a television hit these days. >> republicans, if you look at the research, and i happened to
8:22 am
look at the research, "dancing with the stars" is a very big show among republicans. and not quite as big among the democrats. and that helps explain some of the -- it's family-oriented. you can go from the youngest to the oldest in the family. and, of course, that's helping her, george. but she's really trying. and i give her credit. i had a lot of clients on the show. what you need to understand is that people are judging you. and we've seen people really get out there and not put their hearts into it. they tend to leave quickly. people who try, the public tends to embrace. >> erin, do you think the judges are affected by where they see the public going at all? >> i don't. i don't at all. you know, bristol's getting better scores than i did last season. and good for her for doing that. and i mean, maks and i thought we were one of the popular couples on the show. nothing is going to sway carrie ann or bruno or len.
8:23 am
i tried dancing behind him like jennifer did last night. one point i will bring up. last night, after one of her dances, i think it was the first one, i felt like that ballroom was about to explode. she got one of the loudest applauses at the end of the night. loudest cheers. i feel like in the end, everyone is starting to feel bad about this negativity that is surrounding her. people saying there's something going on. what is she supposed to do? hear all of the negative feedback and go home? she is out there and dancing as hard as she can. and people are voting for her. >> we'll see what happens tonight. we'll find out who gets the boot on "dancing with the stars" at 9:00, 8:00 central. we want you to weigh in on this. go to our shoutout board at "gma" and have your say. [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief, nothing beats prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning once again. i am alison starling and 8:27 is your time of this tuesday. let's start with traffic and weather. it is saturated like southbound 95 and maryland from 216 to the beltway. college park to georgia avenue, to 70 delays before father hurley boulevard to get to the lane divide. we'll show you a crash that happened on 270 northbound after democracy boulevard. you can see the left lane blocks.
8:28 am
next, we will take you to virginia. the delays from the belt way to the 14th street bridge look like this on 395. it is raining everywhere. it is one of those days where there will be off and on rain showers and will vary in intensity. it is one of those fall days. temperatures are near 50 degrees. the rain will go through tonight and a little into tomorrow morning after 7:00 or so, it will clear up with sunshine most of the day tomorrow but it will be windy tomorrow and 62 tomorrow. cloud cover thursday and sunshine friday through the weekend in the 50's. prince george's county corruption probe is widening. on friday, jack johnson and his wife were arrested and now nine
8:29 am
more people are facing charges including 3 prince george's county police officers. two officers are charged with extortion and the third on drug charges. we'll have another update at 8:56. can you tell me what f-stop you had the aperture set to? uh, pretty big. and the shutter speed? really...[snaps]...quick. how did you compensate for the diminished light? very well, thank you. with features like compact long zoom, leica lenses, and intelligent auto, lumix cameras make amazing photos easy.
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♪ ♪ it's all right it's all right ♪ ♪ it's all right long for her at night ♪ "rolling stone" calls him an original. and one of the most unique singing voices. he's the hot, new thing. he's live. get ready for cee lo green.
8:31 am
good morning. i'm george stephanopoulos. alongside robin. we have jamie oliver in the house this morning. showing us the thanksgiving. a little breakfast. we got it all. >> all in one. our good friend is jimmy kimmel. he wants you to lose friends. he wants you to do it tomorrow. national unfriend day. a day to weed through all the people you have friended on facebook and unfriend them. he has some famous folks who are supporting him. he's been talking about this the last couple of nights. if you haven't seen, take a look. >> hi. i'm dr. mehmet oz. facebook friends can lead to severe anxiety, hypertension, and possible death. >> hello. i'm william shatner. these people on facebook, they're not your friends. that's all. >> and this is so important, that jimmy kimmel is up, live
8:32 am
this morning, in los angeles, to talk about this. it's so good to see you, jimmy. what's behind all this? what's the problem, my friend? >> well, i think it's a lot of things, really. for me, i notice people at my office, people that i know, spending an inordinate amount of time on facebook. i wonder what can be so interesting? and how can you have 900 friends? no one has 900 friends. i can almost guarantee that these people are not your friends. and if you spend -- if you spend 900 friends, you spend 1 minute a week on each one of them, that's 15 hours a week you're not getting paid to work online. it's ridiculous. and i'm here to weed it out. >> you're striking a blow for real friends. >> exactly. >> to tell people to unfriend on facebook. it's backfiring. look what gina lovato has got up
8:33 am
to 4,000 friends. >> can el i tell you something? she started out with 500. i told people to unfriend her. now, she has 4,000. that's not how exactly i imagined this going. but i believe people are setting her up. and tomorrow, on national unfriend day, they are going to dump her en masse. leaving her alone and smoking. >> so, how are you going to deal, jimmy, with those hurt feelings? you know they're going to come. >> i know. but that's why i think it's important that we all do this together as a group. i think people will be less hurt when it happens all at once. i think that's what people worry about. i can't get rid of this one. she's emotionally unstable. do you really want to read what an emotionally unstable person is doing every 15 seconds of their life? if we do it as a group, it will be easier for people to understand. >> and have people unfriending you? or are you getting more friends
8:34 am
through this? >> i only have like three friends to start with. i'm all right. i may cut two of them just to make a point. >> all right, jimmy. don't unfriend us anytime soon. thanks for getting up early. you might be on to something here. >> i would never, ever unfriend either one of you, robin and george. but i guarantee there's people in your lives you can stand to lose. >> okay. more tonight. "jimmy kimmel live," 11:05, 12:05 central. he's serious about this. let's get down to sam. sam? >> good morning, robin and george. we do not agree with jimmy. we don't agree. and, yes, i want to know what every one of my mentally unstable friends is doing at every moment of the day. i do. i'm sorry, i do. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning that we want you to know about as you head out the door. it looks like this in central park. there's something about my voice
8:35 am
that sets her off. it's like, she's going to sneeze. she's going to cry. i'm sorry. somebody hug her. i know. and we're doing that. and it makes it worse. anyway, there's plenty of rain up and down the east hey, this is sarah. she's like, no, sam. i'm not. all that weather was brought to you by kibbles and bits. >> get up here, sam. she doesn't have to worry about 50 anytime soon. there's a couple of us that are knocking on the door. you're a baby.
8:36 am
>> i have a few years to go. >> yes, years. next year, you. next week, me. and sam next summer. we want to share advice about turning 50. we have wonderful viewers. i don't know if you remember this from yesterday. really sharing things about how to turn 50 and fears. we checked in with well-known faces that have celebrated this milestone birthday or are about to. you get a sense of how 50 has treated them. meet the new face of 50. if this is what 50 looks like, it is fabulous. not bad company to be keeping as i jump into the next half-century. i ask a few well-known 50-somethings for inside scoop on this milestone. how did you celebrate your 50th birthday? >> i cried. no. it was crazy. i don't remember most of it. >> i don't know what's wrong with me. but i celebrated by running the
8:37 am
boston marathon. >> as one of my dear friends said, i can tell by the way you're talking, you would rather elope into your 50s, rather than have a big wedding. and i do feel that way. i don't want a big party. i want to celebrate different experiences with different friends. >> i think that every birthday is a cause to celebrate. >> age 50, i finally began to realize, if you don't let things go, they become a baggage. they become luggage in your life. if you enjoy the gifts you are given, that's what they are. >> 50 is freaking fabulous. >> 50 is the new everything. i feel smarter. i may not look smarter. but i feel smarter. i feel more secure. i feel better about my life in general. i don't worry about stuff. >> i have some fabulous days. i have some not-fabulous days. i think it only gets better. >> i'm much smarter now than i was last year or ten years ago. and much better-looking.
8:38 am
we have a way here in hollywood of getting better-looking as you get older. >> best thing? most surprising thing about turning 50? >> we start to forget things, we're much better at putting the pieces together, when we solve the puzzle of life. we have wisdom. >> is it different than you thought it would be, approaching 50? >> what i feel, because i have buried a few friends, is i feel so much gratitude. and that's what i wasn't expecting. >> you know what you don't know about 50? it doesn't feel as old as you thought it was going to feel. so, i am 50. and i look in the mirror and go, okay, yeah. i get that i'm 50. but who is the person staring back at me? i don't feel it. i don't feel like what 50 is supposed to feel like. >> any surprises about being 50? >> i make noise when i wake up. no. just my joints. my knees and stuff like that. all those old injuries. >> well, things start decaying
8:39 am
rapidly after 50. you can't remember anything. you can't see anything. you can't hear anything. maybe that's why it's so blissful. >> what were your feelings approaching 50? were you apprehensive? were you embracing it? running from it? >> i looked in the mirror and said, this is not the dress rehearsal. this is life. it's a wake-up call. in a good way. it made me a better person, i think. >> i really see that every day is precious. and you really want to embrace every day. carpe diem, seize the day. you see every day is a gift. and i think that hopefully, as you get older, you start cherishing things like family. and the fact that you're all healthy. and the fact that you're together. >> i have a husband that sure loves me. and when i'm not feeling fabulous, he can sure turn the tide. i remember, i just have one really good, hard cry.
8:40 am
and it was mostly about fear. and he -- i was in the bathroom. i think i had maybe just gotten out of the tub. it was nothing impressive. soppy, wet, snotty. and he just said, you are beautiful. you will always be beautiful to me. and i think something in me just clicked. and i went, nobody else can make me be afraid of this. >> i try to remind myself how young i still am at 50. >> so, what would you tell somebody that's about -- i'm right there. about to join you. >> whatever you're doing, you're doing it the right way, just to have the joy and the shine and the light on your face. it's going to be another good 50 for you. >> i'm feeling pretty good about 50. now, 51, come back to me next year. >> not afraid of 50. and amy grant will be 50 on
8:41 am
thanksgiving. so, she's 49 3/4. and she sat where you are after the show. and she performed her hit, "somewhere down the road" in its entirety. it's a web extra. it's one of those moments, as you're getting older, i would have rushed off. and i said, no. i'm going to sit and listen to her. it's a beautiful, beautiful song. you can see it on >> you got a birthday gift. a blessing from denzel washington. >> not bad. not bad at all. >> and a lot of honesty from all of those folks. they give you great advice and great insight. meryl streep said something. she said your 40s is like the old age of your youth. and 50 is the youth of your old age. >> i like that. >> you go, i'm a kid again. i'm a kid again. >> even when you're creeking. >> exactly. making noises.
8:42 am
>> exactly. making noises. >> i
8:43 am
♪my country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing; ohhhhh, land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring! ♪
8:44 am
in our "countdown to thanksgiving," jamie oliver is here with his appetizer course. he traveled the country, with "jamie's america." and he's here, making bacon cream salad.
8:45 am
how are you? >> how are you? >> i'm well. you're all about nutrition. and you're sizzling up bacon. >> this is a beautiful thing. a trick that i learned to make salad exceptional. you don't have to use a lot of it. getting the flavor and extra texture into a salad, makes kids, friends, people in restaurants go wild. >> is it the fact that it's over salad that balances out the nutritional value? >> the bacon is crispy and smoky. when you get it golden, i add stale bits of bread in there. >> you traveled the country for "jamie's america." but you found this in a supper club in new york. >> these two, cool chicks set up anti-restaurants. they get fed up with posh restaurants charging you too much. they started opening up their home and making a salad similar to this. they candied the bacon. i took that inspiration. >> that's honey.
8:46 am
>> you have to whoa down there, girl. a little bit of honey in there. this salad will never get done. >> i'm very excited about this. >> when it's golden and gorgeous, a tiny bit of honey. it starts to candy. and we can leave that for a second. we'll come here. >> so good. >> some dressing. six tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. and three tablespoons of white wine vinegar. we're going to season it up with a nice pinch of salt and pepper. you have the olive oil. nice, extra virgin olive oil. just to make it creamy and gorgeous, i'm going to add yogurt. and we have a little french mustard. you're going to whisk it up the best you can. over here, i have winter greens. a nice variety over there. get the wrist action going. there we go. >> good thing i changed for you, jamie. >> let me have a taste.
8:47 am
very good. i want you to put the whisk down now. >> okay. >> use your fingers. >> all right. >> we have mint in here. mint and fruit is exceptional. >> and a little purele, just so you know. we're running out of time. but we're going to get there. and we have the clementine going in there. >> that's delicious. >> and a nice little tweak here. pomegranate. and just smash it like that. >> that's the best. >> a little color. >> croutons. and smokey bacon. >> we go to the website, recipes, all there. you did it. >> we did it, baby. >> we'll be right back. stay with us.
8:48 am
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are we back on? >> we are back on. >> cee lo green is the name. thank you. >> we brought smiles to everybody down here today. and you're going to sing us off for our web extra coming up, as well? >> i am. >> that's fantastic. we'll see you tomorrow. rihanna will be here. >> live and in hd, this is an
8:57 am
abc 7 news update. >> and good morning once again. 8:56 is the time and i am alison starling with your local update. here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. there is plenty of rain and plenty of slow traffic as a result out of springfield. the rain is coming down hard right now. it is a happy back about 10 to the beltway and don tysons corner. here we are on i-270 and the beltway at river road. there is slow traffic leaving father pearly boulevard and now they have to ride through tyson's to the beltway. it is pretty persistent out there now especially throughout northern virginia and the shenandoah valley and most of maryland. temperatures are around 50 degrees.
8:58 am
we have been at 52 degrees at reagan national airport and college park and 48 degrees up in frederick. off and on rain today with about 1 inch in some spots. it should be over by tomorrow morning and sunshine tomorrow with the early morning showers getting out of here. it will be when due to -- windy tomorrow. 60's 2 marlton typical temperatures for the rest of the week through the weekend here is your chance to speak out about the condition of metro's escalators. we will check out the nearly 600 escalators and we will report findings on that website. let them know about the conditions of the escalators that you ride by going to thank you for watching and we will be back adnanback
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